‘The Market’ and Contingent Values


‘Competition’ or ‘the market’… the word(s) frequently used when describing the desirability of decentralized decision making.  Both of these utterances are short cuts to an assertion that deciding how to allocate goods and services is best left to each subjective individual or organization.  Indeed, many decisions are trivial and best left to the marketplace of individuals aiming to satisfy their preferences, such as what color of shirt to purchase or artwork for the conference room.  However, the fact that many have only a preliminary understanding of the assumptions underlying competition and the marketplace belies an very deep and pervasive problem in modern society, that of ignoring or undervaluing that which is necessary. Read More


It was a record year for solar job growth in the U.S.

While the entrenched interests of the Second Industrial Revolution are unlikely to simply embrace the Third Industrial Revolution, growth of solar is promising sign of things to come. If we expand the scope of optimism to include financing avenues for renewables, such as Mosaic.com, then be it solar, wind, or geothermal there is momentum that alternatives may be sufficiently scaled to abandon fossil fuels before the most dire scenarios of climate change come to pass.


There are now close to 143,000 jobs in the solar industry in the U.S., and the sector grew almost 20 percent last year, according to a new report from The Solar Foundation. That amount of growth is ten times the national employment growth rate average (1.9 percent) over the same period.

The solar industry added close to 24,000 solar jobs last year, and 90 percent of those jobs were new jobs. Two thirds of those jobs were in the installation sector, and the jobs were distributed across the U.S., many of them in states with strong solar incentives.


Solar financier and installer SolarCity added 2,000 jobs last year on its own and now employs 4,500 workers. The company went public at the end of 2012, and is now trading many times its IPO price. SunPower also added hundreds of jobs last year.

Growth in the solar industry in…

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