No One Should GoHungry, So Drink a Beer!

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Doing well by doing good…

Here’s an effort that I think Peter Singer, philosopher that authored the famed applied ethics paper Famine, Affluence, and Morality, would commend by tipping back a pint.  Supporting a local, quickly becoming regional, brewer has the added benefit of advancing social values in your choice of fermented beverage… supporting local farmers and combatting hunger.  Finnegan’s brews beer that donates all their profits to charity.

The key is to first have a quality product… but one path to quickly scaling your venture, to the tune of 30% growth per year, is to take on a cause to benefit the community.

Now donating all of the profit does not necessarily entail that everyone is working for free, or that the firm is unable to undertake capital budgeting for expansion… it simply means that CEO and founder Jacquie Berglund has a salary, and if sales deliver a profit, then it goes to charity.  Thus, organizations that benefit from the commerce of the community can also support that very same local community with its profits.

Furthermore, a secondary point that is noted in the Fast Company article, but deserves additional emphasis, is the fact that Berglund is ensuring the money goes to supporting the local farms and businesses to further the social end of combating hunger.  So the money is not being funneled to processed food corporations, but instead to locally rooted business that, in turn, support other local enterprises.

As we philosophers like to say… this is definitely PRAISEWORTHY!

My only regret… the brew is not available to me locally.  However, with plenty of craft brewers in the California bay area… it would seem that an aspiring brewer could follow suit!

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