Excellent short piece on the transition to economics driven momentum in solar power.  Previous arguments that argued solar was too expensive or too insignificant to address energy needs are now vacuous.  A 60% price drop since just 2011 is driving short cost recapture, such that solar is spreading even without generous government subsidies.

While fossil fuels still retain generous tax incentives that dwarf renewables, momentum is shifting and continuing these transfers remains unconscionable.

What is left out of the piece is the continuity aspect.  Concentrated power production relies upon an antiquated and inefficient power grid… while distributed power generation, namely rooftop solar in this case, reduces loss from transmission.  Over consumption or equipment failure of a key transmission component does not result in a loss of power for others, thereby distributed energy is good for “national security” or continuity reasons as well.  Furthermore, if a homeowner has solar generating panels, then it follows that they are much more likely to be conscious of their individual consumption and take steps to limit use.

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