Shinola Case Study This case study focuses on how the firm utilizes place branding and heritage to render consumer perceptions of authenticity.  Award winner at the Marketing EDGE Summit (2017) in New Orleans. (teaching notes available upon request)

Tesla: Accelerating to Market Case Study June 2018 case submitted to the James & Clevenger Case Study Competition.  The case focuses on strategic management and marketing of product launch in the context of organizational constraints. (teaching notes available upon request)

Fall 2017 – SFSU Brand Management Course Evaluation

Fall 2017 – SFSU Sales Management Course Evaluations

2016 SFSU MKTG Dept Evaluation

BUS 0690 Seminar in Business Policy and Strategic Management Fall 2016

Fall 2015 – SFSU Brand Management Course Evaluations

Spring 2015 – SFSU International Marketing Management Course Evaluations:

Course observation and evaluation by marketing department chair (SFSU, Marketing. Spring 2015): Peer Classroom Observation M Fisher

Course observation and evaluation by philosophy colleague (Santa Rosa Junior College, Philosophy. March 2015): SRJC Peer Teaching Evaluation 2015

Fall 2013 – SFSU Critical Thinking Course EvaluationsStarting with the Fall 2013 semester, San Francisco State University student course evaluations were automated.  This file reflects the metrics of my teaching effectiveness as well as the student comments offered regarding their sentiments of the course (Philosophy 110, Critical Thinking, a few comments are quite colorful, but overall illustrate the level of engagement my teaching methods produced).  

lululemon final thesis – MBA Project analyzed relationship selling model of yoga athletic wear firm including financial statements, competitive analysis, and evolving use of information systems.  Critical analysis of e-commerce project management initiative that yielded evidence to refute company’s public dismissal that competitor entry was a threat.  Furthermore, strategic marketing and change management proposals are offered. 

Basel III paper, European Banking A survey of the Basel international banking accords and their latest round of revisions, Basel III.  The paper focuses on the increased reserve requirements of banks and countering pro-cyclicality, the tendency of bank lending to amplify economic trends through over and under lending.

Critique of IT Doesn’t Matter A short critique of Nicolas Carr’s famed article “IT Doesn’t Matter” regarding the evolutionary process of information technology to resemble the characteristics of a public utility.

Philosophy: Climate Justice Thesis Project focuses on Peter Singer’s “One Atmosphere” approach to addressing the ethical case for climate change action and argues that the scope, resources, and mobility of publicly traded multi-nationals have demonstrated that they can upend the “public good” aim of nation-state governments.  As a result, increased efforts to enact global governance models are needed to ensure that the positive aspects of globalization are not eroded by the objective self-interests of these unbounded organizations. 

Certified Mortgage Consultant CertificateHighest professional designation available through the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.  The experience and knowledge necessary for this designation is held by less than 1% of professionals.  Awarded in 2006.

Real Estate Development & Asset Based Financial Services


2006 Urban redevelopment project utilizing a complex layering of local, state, and federal tax credits (NMTC).  The ‘Abrams Landing’ project was recognized as a model project by the Economic Development Council and the mayor’s office to revitalize a low-income census tract within Lansing.  The 27 unit, mixed-use project was designed for LEED certification and to further the goal of developing a walkable district within the heart of downtown Lansing.

The project was instrumental in Lansing’s bid for a Cool Cities Grant and the designation of a new Stadium District.

Served on the Stadium District Committee, in 2006, comprised of local business owners and developers working towards the revitalization of a core Lansing neighborhood.

Successfully lobbied for property rezoning. Rezoning process entailed committee presentations and city council meetings. Vote for rezoning was unanimous.

August 2006 ‘Featured Business Leader’, Lansing State Journal.


The article notes volunteer efforts, local property investment, and community involvement.  Briefly outlines redevelopment project, ‘Abram’s Landing’.